Industrial Unit Oils Processing

Oil treatment unit used already in operation. Profico project at the level of structures and safety. Supervisiono f the works of structures, electrical wiring and piping.


Center of Environmental Interpretation and Animal Recovery (CIARA) of Felgar

Completed the works of CIARA Felgar, a work performed by EDP under the Hydroelectrical Project of Baixo Sabor.
A project developed by Profico for which mobilized a large team of architects and engineers.


DEKRA Inspection Center in Mafra

In January 2016, DEKRA, the world leader in car inspections, opened in Mafra its first Vehicle Inspection Technical Center (CITV) in Portugal. Profico proud to have earned the trust of DEKRA, to make the Supervision and Safety Coordination of the construction work of the first CITV's of this multinational in our country.